Alice was born in Brazil at the turn of the decade, January 2, 1980. 

Drawing has been a significant part of her life.

Aged 4 she moved to America. As she couldn’t speak English at first, at kindergarden, she improvised and drawing became her language.

Aged 5 she drew a horse from a bird’s eye view.  

Aged 13 she rendered an unbelievable portrait of heart throb Luke Perry, star of Beverly Hills 90210

Aged 21 she graduated in Fine Art at Goldsmiths College, London.  

Aged 24 she started working in a feature animation studio. She didn’t draw there, she organized other artists. She worked with some of the world's leading character designers and animation artists. She was happy to be part of it all and forgot all about her own drawings. 

Aged 31 she realized that by a magical process of osmosis she had become an illustrator and character designer herself. She started to draw everyday. 

Aged 32 she built this website.   

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